I am a critical media scholar. My current research and teaching activities include rendering the infrastructure of smart cities visible, legible, and therefore actionable; using speculative design as a means to train designers to creatively reflect on the deeper implications of their work; and considering design as a means to provoke the political imagination.

I received my PhD from Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication, where I was part of the Applied Communication and Technology (ACT) Lab. I have since completed a Postdoc at the University of British Columbia’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, and am now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology. I am part of the Design Conceptualization and Communication section, and an active member of the idStudioLab. I am also the editor of the Sustainability in (Inter)Action forum in the ACM’s Interactions magazine, and Fellow of the Urban Futures Studio at Utrecht University. My first book, Interactive Media for Sustainability, was recently published by Palgrave Macmillan.

You can find a list of my publications here.

Born and raised in Israel, I lived in Vancouver, Canada for over a decade, and am now in the Netherlands. You can reach me at roy [at] digitalsustainability [dot] com


Header image by Robert Duchesnay (Joseph Beuys visits Buckminster Fuller’s iconic geodesic dome of the Expo 67 pavilion on Montreal’s Île Sainte-Hélène).

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